How to clean black dollar notes

ssd chemical solution is the chemical used in cleaning defaced banknotes or money that was dyed by the bank during a robbery. The black money and ssd chemical solution are real but not everyone who claims to clean black notes can actually do it.

You must be very careful with the kind of chemicals you buy because there are many con men who know nothing about chemistry or  the dyeing process but claim to clean defaced banknotes.

In the past our cleaning processes used to reduce the quality of banknotes. After a lot of research we are proud to introduce the new universal Enzymatic ssd chemical Solution. We used a crude enzyme preparation for the enzymatic de-inking of mixed defaced banknotes. The enzyme material was prepared by growing endoglucanase (enzyme use for the enzymatic treatment) in a liquid culture media containing sago pith waste and rice husk.

The Universal ssd chemical Solution effect was compared to the conventional ssd chemical solution treatment. The enzymatic de-inking process produced better dyeing effects on the mixed defaced banknotes compared to conventional chemical methods. Ink detachment from the defaced banknotes was facilitated by the enzymatic modification of the fiber surfaces.

Furthermore, the process proved to be more effective for the removal of stronger dye particles. Also, properties such as brightness and tensile strength were maintained in the new clean banknotes.

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